FiiO Releases M3 New Firmware FW1.5


The following changes and improvements were made to FW1.5 compared to FW1.4:
1.    Added option to go to Settings by holding menu button while not at the Now Playing screen.
2.    Added On/Off reminder for Fade in/Fade out.
3.    Fixed issue where the player would display format error by certain operations.
4.    Fixed issue where the genre tag of some APE files was read incorrectly.
5.    Fixed issue where the battery gauge couldn’t move when charging under certain interfaces.
6.    Fixed issue where the HOLD slider was defeated by certain operations. 

7.    Fixed issue where prev / next buttons couldn't work while music was paused at Now Playing screen. 
8.    Broadened the range from 0-5s to 0-10s where the player would go to the previous song after press previous track button.
9.    Fixed issue where the LED indicator couldn’t light up caused by certain operations.
10.    Amended the reminder “Disk error” to “SD card removed” after auto updating completes after connecting to PC. 
11.    Amended “Play mode” to “Play settings” under System settings.
12.    Fixed issue where language option couldn’t show up after restart the player while the Hold key is on.
13.    Corrected display error of some prompts.
14.    Fixed issue where Rewind and Fast-forward couldn’t work by holding prev/next button while the player was paused
at Now Playing screen.
15.    Various other bug fixes


M3 FW 1.5: >> Download link
How to upgrade the M3 firmware: >> Click here

Complete User Manual: >> Download link