FiiO E12/ X5II / X1 in the Head-Fi Buying Guide

It’s the end of the year again. December is always regarded as a month for summarization and planning. Summarizing the achievements and experience we have obtained for the past year, and planning for the year to come. On the other hand, December is also the right time for giving and accepting gifts, so as to show our appreciation to the people we love. 


For audiophiles, one thing that you can’t miss is the annual buying guide recommendations by authoritative sites. So if you are interested in an item of Portable Amps, DACs, & DAPs, here is an article on › 2015 Holiday Buying Guide › Head Fi Buying Guide Portable Amps Dacs Daps for your kind reference: >> Click here . We are flattered to see our E12, X5II and X1 in the Buying Guide list.


Good luck to you in finding the right gear.


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