Sound is forward while being lean. This track does summarizes abut the sound of FH1s. There’s no harshness but rarely rough treble. Have little sibilance, stage is not that wide, stage kinda does have depth. Since it’s entry level iem i can ignore this. According to my ears there’s emphasis in bass range, and goes flatly through the treble range and gives overall flat characteristic but this situation does not sounds hoarse and gives balance to the sound, also does not gives pain to ear despite 8k peak. Everything in place as it should be, doesn’t have dark background like E1000 but sounds musical decent enough. I would rate imaging 7/10 considering it’s closed in ear. Don’t expect open-back headphone imaging level.

If you are not listening to live stadium records or dubstep isn’t the only genre that you listen, FH1s is a decent choice. It’s gentle atmosphere, easily driveability, wide but shallow stage and with juicy bass FH1s is a good pick for starters.



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