Christmas package: the release of X3 new firmware FW3.3

The following changes and improvements were made to firmware 3.3 compared to FW3.0:


A. 10 new features:

1. Added support for M3U playlists.

2. Added support for exFAT formatted micro SD cards.

3. Added 5-band equalizer and support for equalizer presets (via changing provided presets).

4. Added support for folder-based album art (e.g. "cover.jpg" for all songs in a folder).

5. Added playback support for multichannel recordings.

6. Added feature to display ID3-based song title rather than filename in Now Playing screen.

7. Added Sleep timer, with on/off toggle switch and timer setting.

8. Added support for UTF-8 (no BOM) and Unicode LRC lyrics files.

9. Media library will now auto-update upon insertion and removal of TF (micro SD) cards when media library update is set to Auto.

10. Added option to display "all songs" by an artist as well as selecting individual albums by an artist.


B. Several optimizations:

1. Optimized playback of raw AAC files (.aac files)

2. Fixed issue where hidden files would be generated in the X3 after connection to Mac and other Unix-based computers and affect file browsing afterwards.

3. Optimized song ordering in albums.

4. Optimized randomization of songs in shuffle mode.

5. Fixed issue where m4a and FLAC tracks may skip unexpectedly when played from an NTFS formatted card;

6. Various other bug fixes.



X3 FW3.3 

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X3 USB DAC Driver
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