Introduction to the Brand New FiiO Aliexpress Store


Alababa’s listing in USA reminded us that FiiO can also take advantage

of this e-commerce platform to bring more convenience to FiiO worldwide end-users.


Here is the brand new FiiO Aliexpress store:



A. Can’t buy locally?

With the increased brand awareness of FiiO worldwide, more and more consumers begin to know

the name of FiiO and bearing the mind to buy FiiO products. Despite of the well-established marketing

network of FiiO its own, it cannot reach every corner of the world.


Meanwhile, due to limited ability or sales channel constraint of the local sales agent, or even because of

its incomplete models or incomplete market coverage, it makes the end-users cannot buy their desired items.


B. Having FiiO item to be repaired while it’s already beyond warranty period

or the damage was caused by inappropriate usage?

With more and more models come up, more after-sales issues would come along, especially the release of

music players increased the complexity of the problem. When the item is beyond warranty period, if the local agent can’t

handle the issue, then the end-users might have to send the defective item back to FiiO in China for repair after contact FiiO

after-sales staff (by sending email to since not so many end-users have the ability to fix the issue successfully.

Under this circumstance, we might require the customer to pay for some freight or maintenance parts.



Therefore, instead of focusing on selling FiiO to worldwide market directly, the purpose of FiiO Aliexpress is to bring convenience

to customers who can’t buy FiiO products locally or those who have defective FiiO items to send back to FiiO to repair.


Purchase link:

On FiiO Aliexpress, almost all the FiiO available models and some maintenance parts are well listed.

If there is no local sales agent ( and you are sure that you can’t buy from locally,

or if you are guided by our after-sales staff to buy a maintenance part/accessory/freight link,

please come to FiiO Aliexpress to select the items you want or check with our staff at the service center before you buy.


Note: The price on FiiO Aliexpress is a little higher than worldwide market price so as to avoid any conflict with local agents.

So you can check with our Aliexpress customer service before completing payment.