FiiO Products Once Again Appear on Japan VGP 2021 Awards List!

Recently, Japan VGP authorization has announced and granted the award winners for the year of 2021, after assessing the world’s audio and video products from 2020. Of all the acclaimed HiFi products, FiiO has a flood of products showing up on the List, among which the THX Balanced DAC/Amp Q3, and Flagship Hi-Res Lossless Music Player M15 have taken the VGP 2021 Gold Award.


1.10 thousand -30 thousand yen amp category Gold Award: Q3

With the best utilization of the new THX amp technology, the Q3 is equipped with all 2.5/3.5/4.4 headphone outputs, not only allowing for hi-res audio performance, but also meeting user needs for multiple scenarios. Along with the compact and fit size, it serves to improve sound qualities for different music devices.


2.150 thousand - 300 thousand yen music player category Gold Award: M15

Already won the VGP2020 SUMMER award, the M15 is featured with 2 AK4499EQ DAC chips, Exynos 7872 ultra-powerful processor, CSR8675 Bluetooth chip, as well as 2 NDK Femtosecond crystal oscillators. What’s more, the application of the pro-level USB decoding chip XMOS XUF208 which supports 768kHz/32bit PCM and native DSD512 ensure it a flagship of FiiO.    


3.60 thousand - 100 thousand yen music player category VGP Award: M11Pro

Being granted the VGP2020 SUMMER Gold Award and VGP2020 Award, the M11Pro has made an amazing improvement for the sound quality based on the M11, including an upgraded DAC chip, THX full-balanced amp structure, dual crystal oscillators and refined clock management system. Eventually, it has undoubtedly made a huge leap on sound performance.


4.40 thousand - 60 thousand yen music player category VGP Award: M11

The M11 has already been the lucky dog of VGP2019 SUMMER Gold award, VGP2020 Gold Award, VGP2020 SUMMER Award. Featuring an outstanding 5.15-inch borderless touchscreen, the M11 has used a flagship-grade Exynos7872 processor and 2 AK4493EQ DAC chips. Plus the comprehensive 4.4 and 2.5 balanced and 3.5 single-ended headphone outputs, the M11 is able to provide an extreme HiFi experience for its users.


5.Below 20 thousand music player category VGP Award: M5

The M5 has been the winner of the VGP2020 Gold Award and the VGP2020 SUMMER Award. It uses super powerful configurations of both the Ingenic X100E SoC and the flagship Bluetooth chip CSR8675, supporting Bluetooth transmitting and receiving, voice call, sound recording and step counter along with a customizable orientation screen.


6.Below 30 thousand yen amp category VGP Award: Q1 Mark II

The Q1 Mark II has won the VGP2018 Award, VGP2019 Award, VGP2019 SUMMER Award, VGP2020 Award and VGP2020 SUMMER Award. The XMOS platform built in supports a sampling rate up to 384kHz/32bit and native DSD 512 decoding. Plus the high-performance DAC, op-amp and amp chips, the Q1 Mark II supports a free switch between the balanced and single-ended output.


7.Amp category VGP Award: BTR5

The BTR5 has been on the VGP2020 SUMMER award list. Equipped with the flagship Bluetooth amp chip CSR8675, high-performance DAC chip ES9218P, FPGA precise clock management, independent USB chip Xmos XUF208 and 2 independent crystalline oscillators as well, it is a Bluetooth amplifier that is qualified to compete with music players. The compact body includes super power.   


8.Amp category VGP Award: μBTR

The μBTR has been on the VGP2020 SUMMER award list. It is equipped with Qualcomm Bluetooth chip CSR8645 and supports Bluetooth codecs of aptX/SBC/AAC. Besides, it has many user-friendly features, including the independent-adjusted volume, internal microphone supporting voice calls, built-in NFC function supporting a quick pair via Bluetooth and 9 hours of battery life.  


9.Amp category VGP Award: BTR3K

The BTR3K has applied 2 efficient DACs AK4377A. Whichever the single-ended or balanced output, the 2 DACs will work at the same time. Additionally, it is designed with the 22.5792M/24.576M crystalline oscillators. With both the 3.5 single-ended and 2.5 balanced headphone outputs, the BTR3K has made a great progress in specifications and sound performance.


10.Bluetooth accessory category VGP Award: UTWS1

Been a winner of the VGP 2020 SUMMER award, the UTWS1 is coupled with Qualcom QCC3020 chip and supports Bluetooth 5.0, aptX/AAC/SBC Bluetooth codecs. Both of the left and right earhooks come with a high-sensitivity microphone making good use of intelligent DSP noise cancellation technology, allowing for ultimate wireless freedom whenever you are answering a call, listening to music or doing sports.


11.50 thousand - 75 thousand yen IEMs category VGP Award: FH7

The FH7 has won the VGP2020 Award. Equipped with Knowles customized 4 balanced armatures + a 13.6mm beryllium-plated dynamic driver, it comes with a standard LC-3.5C high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable. With high-end driver combination and exquisite tuning, the FH7 is capable of dealing with any music style.


12.Earphone cable category VGP Award: LC-2.5/3.5/4.4D

FiiO LC earphone cable series, the high-purity monocrystalline pure silver cable, has won the VGP2020 Award and VGP2020 SUMMER Award. Its higher purity and more superior electrical conductivity help to effectively lower loss of audio signal during the transmission process. It is a specially-braided litz cable, with 4 large strands in a total of 224 wires each. The 3.5 single-end and 2.5/4.4 balanced ports perfectly adapt to most earphones on the market.


Every honor of FiiO proves that FiiO brand and products are attracting more and more attention from audiophiles all over the world. We will keep on working harder and harder. Thank you so much for all of your attention, care and love.