The release of FiiO X1's new firmware FW1.1

The following changes and improvements were made to firmware 1.10 compared to 1.00:
Added function:

1. Added support for M3U playlists and internal playlists
2. Added in-line headphone control function (support the on/off switching of in line headphone control).

3. Optimized detection of in-line remotes on earphones, reducing occurrence of accidental operation of the player by misdetected remote input.
4. Enabled playback of songs with sample rate under 32kHz.

5. Improved compatibility with certain music file formats.

6. Added option to choose between showing filename or title from ID3 tag in the Now Playing screen.
7. Fixed issue with menu "skipping" when moving beyond the first page of System Settings.
8. Numerous fixes to errata in UI text and UI graphics elements.

9. Various other minor bug fixes.



X1 FW1.1

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