1. About Q5s-TC, from entry to master

What shall we do when Q5s is stuck or not turned on

1. Insert USB to replenish power, and 4 side lights will light up and flash successively;
2. When the USB cannot be charged and works normally, please try to use a clip or similar small tool to poke the button of the reset hole for more than 5 seconds (the reset hole is on the side of the fuselage) to reset.After reset, Q5s will restart automatically;


Basic operations

1. USB DAC function

2. Bluetooth receiver function



1. Idle standby function

2. In the Bluetooth control interface of FiiO Music, Q5s can not be connected, or unstable

3. Why does the side indicator (coax) of the Q5s still light up in red after fully charged in power off status?



Quick guide