8. How to control the Q5s TC on FiiO Music App?

A: Settings for the RGB light, Bluetooth codecs and other functions of the Q5s TC will be available when connecting it with FiiO Music via Bluetooth. Instructions to complete the connection please refer to https://www.fiio.com/newsinfo/274599.html.

Besides, it can also be paired and controlled through FiiO Control App.

【What can be done if the connection is unstable?】
If the connection is unstable, please try to clear Bluetooth pairing of the Q5s TC (under Bluetooth state, hold the previous track+Next track button together), or reset the Q5s TC (long press the reset button for more than 5s) and then repair them.

① Previous track (Bluetooth mode) ② Pause/Play (Bluetooth On/Off) ③ Next track (Bluetooth mode) ④ Reset