12. Comparison between the Q5s (Type C version) and Q5s+AM3D


1. Body:

--Both of them involve the AM3D THX amp module. The difference is that the new Q5s TC uses the more popular Type C port to replace the original Micro USB port for the AM3D. But they still have the same performance and specifications.
--Other exterior designs, buttons, functions are the same.
--The sticker on the rear body of the Q5s TC has been accordingly changed.

2. Bluetooth: 

Change the Bluetooth chip from CSR8675 to QCC5124 which newly supports aptX adaptive. Besides, EQ adjustment is available under all Bluetooth codecs, esp. LDAC. But it no longer supports HWA.

3. Accessories:

(Cables with Micro port are all changed to Type C) USB A-C cable, Type C to Lightning cable (C78), L-shaped Type C to Type C cable.

4. There is no big difference in the listening experience which still maintains hi-res sound performance.