4.Charging, battery life and indicator light instruction

It is recommended to use 5V/2A adapters to charge the Q3. Adapters, computers, laptops and other devices that can normally output 5V voltage can be used to charge it.
Note: Quick-charging is not available for the Q3.

【When the battery is exhausted and the charge switch is set to OFF, why would the Q3 still be charged?】
Considering that when the Q3 is decoding a mobile phone, the Charge switch is generally set to OFF. After the Q3 runs out of power, some users may forget to turn the Charge switch to ON. So we have designed that once the Q3 runs out of power and meet the needs for USB charging, the system will automatically charge it.

【RGB light status indication】


Status  ON(standby) USB DAC Line in Low battery warning Charging (OFF)  Charging (ON)
Light color Blue PCM≤48kHz:Blue;
PCM> 48kHz:Yellow;
Blue Red light flashes every 2s Red light pulses;Constantly on when fully charged Corresponding light pulses;Constantly on when fully charged

【Battery capacity, charging time】
*Battery capacity: 1800mAh
*Charging time: Adapter: ≤2H; Computer: ≤5H

【Battery life】
*AUX IN: BAL (32Ω headphones): 19 hours
*USB IN: PO (27Ω headphones): 10 hours
BAL (32Ω loaded): 8.5 hours