FiiO's Latest THX Balanced DAC/Amplifier - Q3 Is Now Available Globally!



The HiFi world is growing with diversities. From portable and compact Bluetooth earphones to portable Bluetooth DAC/Amplifier, lossless music player and then to desktop DAC/Amplifier, neither of them would sacrifice excellent sound quality as well as much fun of enjoying music in different scenarios. Among which, FiiO Q1 MarkII was a portable DAC/Amp sweetie that has been terribly adored by audiophiles since a long time ago. Coming with Hi-Res sound performance in a perfect-controlled body, not only can the Q1 MarkII satisfy your needs on multiple-use scenarios, but also it got set all the time to improve music performance for your devices. It has been 3 years since the Q1 MarkII came to the world. However, we will not continue to commemorate it here. Today we are going to introduce a new DAC/Amp friend for you- the THX Balanced DAC/Amplifier, FiiO Q3.


Key features of the FiiO Q3 include:

1. THX AAA amplifier: low distortion and high power for excellent sound

2. AKM's next generation AK4462 DAC

3. XMOS XUF208 decoding: supports up to 768K/32B and native DSD512 

4. 3 mainstream headphone outputs: 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm jacks

5. Analog potentiometer volume knob: quickly adjust volume with great accuracy

6. Always brilliant: 1800mAH battery means battery life of 10 hours or more under USB decoding


To find out more about the Q3, please visit the product page on:

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