There’s nothing cheap about the M15, but it’s a class-leading digital audio player. While you can get equal sound for much less, the wide feature set, ability to playback all your files in DSD format, and the hefty amplifiers will make a difference to many potential buyers.

I love the M15 player. It plays every imaginable format, and it has enough power to sparkle with hard to drive headphones. No matter what I threw at the M15, it played it without adding anything to the music that I could detect. In truth, the M15 audio quality matched the much cheaper Astell & Kern SR25, but the better amplifier in the M15 made it a winner with inefficient headphones. I liked the bigger, high-quality screen, and I also liked being able to turn off the Android OS and listen to the M15 in a ‘pure’ audio mode that was designed only for the playback of music.



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