FiiO FD1 Hi-Res Beryllium In Ear Monitors Review

  For the FD1 IEM (currently available in black and blue colors) FiiO has used 10mm beryllium-plated dynamic drivers that feature a frequency response of 10Hz-40kHz (Hi-Res certified) with 32Ohm impedance, 109dB sensitivity and a maximum input power of 100mW. The FD1 is actually the 2nd IEM to arrive in the lab with beryllium based drivers and as I’ve pointed out in the past this is a great choice of material since unlike Aluminum and Titanium it's not only lighter and stiffer (which means it can maintain its structural integrity under load) but it also allows for sound to travel with far higher efficiency. FiiO has also used an N50 two-way magnetic circuit with balanced pressure relief technology (for optimal bass), 1.2 meter long detachable 4-strand monocrystalline copper cable (made out of litz wires with a 2-pin 0.78mm structure), enclosures made out of transparent PC material and a faceplate made out of multiple layers of celluloid.



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