Embracing the Wireless Audio Era, Feiao BTA30 Bluetooth Audio Transceiver Use Sharing

played for several days and finally played with this small desktop Bluetooth decoder.

when it comes to Feiao, domestic HIFI players must be familiar with it. As a manufacturer that has been involved in HIFI player manufacturing for a long time, they have always focused on the design concept of high cost performance and full functionality, creating many classic low-cost sound products for HIFI enthusiasts. At the same time, Feiao is also a pioneer in the layout of streaming media music in domestic player manufacturers. As early as x7 era, they have already started the attempt of streaming media music in HIFI player using Android system. Now Feiao already has a rich Bluetooth product line, in order to make all traditional HIFI products have wireless connection capability. This time, their BTA30 Bluetooth audio transceiver is a sharp weapon that enables users to wirelessly and stream wired equipment.

Feiao BTA30 has a very small body, and its aluminum alloy frame is matched with a black glass panel, which looks cold and rich in texture and is easy to integrate into the home environment. The package comes with commonly used wires, USB-TYPEC wires and RCA lotus wires, as well as attached foot pads to make it more stable when placed.

Feiao BTA30 is relatively simple, with the key on, Bluetooth pairing button, and three-mode selection paddles lined up, and the volume knob on the right. After use, the damping feeling can be clearly felt, proving that its materials are good. Special attention should be paid to the volume knob on the right. Common Bluetooth receivers on the market do not have volume adjustment function, so when you connect the audio, you still need to adjust the volume on the speaker, which is very inconvenient. However, the volume knob provided by BTA30 allows you to adjust the volume of Bluetooth equipment conveniently and quickly.

Feiao BTA30 has a variety of back interfaces, RCA linear output, light input and output, coaxial input/output interface and TYPEC interface. It is worth noting that BTA30, as a product with Bluetooth function, is equipped with a Bluetooth signal gain antenna, which effectively improves the quality and stability of Bluetooth transmission.

Feiao BTA30 is a new work of its BTA series. It is an integrated solution that integrates Bluetooth transmission, Bluetooth reception and DAC decoding functions. Compared with the common Bluetooth decoding on the market, its product positioning is very unique. At the same time, it can be applied to rich scenes with Bluetooth transceiver capability. You can use its Bluetooth receiving capability to turn the traditional audio equipment in your home into a wireless streaming media speaker. At the same time, if you already have a wired decoding ear, you can use it as a Bluetooth turntable. In addition, you can also use its Bluetooth transmission capability to add Bluetooth transmission capability to traditional cd players and vinyl phono players, connect to Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones, and expand the usage scenarios of traditional HIFI devices. Not to mention it also has traditional coaxial, optical fiber input and output and USB-DAC functions. It can be seen that Feiao wants to use this product to make all the devices in the hands of users wireless.

In terms of music listening, Feiao BTA30 is equipped with Qualcomm CSR8675 flagship Bluetooth chip, which supports SBC, aptX, AAC, aptX HD and LDAC. When using different Bluetooth encoding formats, the RGB lights of its Bluetooth pairing buttons will present different colors. For example, connecting aptX HD is yellow, AAC is cyan, aptX is purple, LDAC is white, etc.

In addition, BTA30 is equipped with AK4490 DAC chip and OPA1662 operational amplifier. Besides its rich functions, its sound quality performance is also commendable. Its sound style is always warm and elegant, which is very suitable for long-term listening and will not feel tired. This tuning feature is well displayed when it is connected to a mobile phone or computer for listening. It can well suppress some music files of low quality and the irritability of the sound in online videos. Its own high-quality decoding chip allows it to be directly connected with the ear amplifier and power amplifier, which is very convenient to form a set of music system with good timbre and simple operation. This combination enables the old equipment to glow for another spring and save money.

In terms of entertainment, BTA30 can be said to be a big player. Its various connection methods can play according to your needs. Connecting different devices can expand its corresponding wireless capabilities. In my daily use, the function I often use is to connect BTA30 to the TV through the optical fiber interface, so that the TV has strong decoding capability and Bluetooth transmission capability, so that I won't disturb my family when watching the football match in the middle of the night. In addition, bta30 supports connecting two Bluetooth devices at the same time, which means you can pair them with two Bluetooth headsets. If you want to share action movies with friends at midnight and play games for two without disturbing your neighbors? BTA30 can bring you this experience. In fact, it not only supports Bluetooth output to two devices at the same time, but also supports Bluetooth to receive signals from two devices at the same time, so that two people can alternately play their favorite music and videos, and there is a new way to play at the party.

I also connect BTA30 to PS4 and Switch. Friends who own these two game consoles should know that their method of connecting Bluetooth headsets is not difficult. They have to use a separate Bluetooth transceiver to use them. Now with BTA30, the operation of connecting Bluetooth headsets is much easier and faster. Of course, there can be a more coquettish operation, that is, with Feiao's BTR series Bluetooth decoding earpiece, BTA30 emits Bluetooth signals, BTR receives and drives HIFI earphones in your hand, which can bring you a high-quality game audio experience different from ordinary game earphones.

Feiao BTA30 can also be connected to a computer through a USB interface and used as an external Bluetooth transmitter, which is very useful for computers without Bluetooth function. I also connected BTA30 to the old speaker used in the computer, turning it into a Bluetooth speaker. In the past, sometimes I just wanted to lie quietly on the computer chair and listen to music, but it was very troublesome to have to operate the computer to cut songs. Now I can directly operate it with my mobile phone, and the old speaker also has new tricks.

In fact, Feiao BTA30 also has an official app that can be used together. In the app, you can adjust functions such as input source, transmitted Bluetooth coding, digital upshift and Bluetooth volume limit. As a product that focuses on wireless Bluetooth capability, such quick equipment also reflects Feiao's intention.

Generally speaking, Feiao BTA30 is a unique product type in the market. Products with Bluetooth reception, Bluetooth transmission and high-quality decoding capability are very rare. Feiao has discovered a new blue ocean and virgin land in this market positioning through its experience in the field of wireless HIFI equipment over the years. It is really not easy and reflects Feiao's ingenuity in designing this product. BTA30 connects all the new equipment, old equipment, wired equipment, wireless equipment, entertainment and music listening in the home. It can be said that it is the panacea of all the equipment connected to China. Moreover, I always feel that such a equipment, at such a low price, even if there is no clue now, there will always be a place for him to buy one back.

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