FiiO FA9 Review

Despite a quick succession of releases, FiiO can always be applauded for their strong work ethic and commitment to research and development. The Fiio FA9 employs a myriad of technologies which is rarely seen at its price point. The ability to fine tune the sound with a 3 way adjustable switch system as well as changing impedance highlights the transducer as an impeccably versatile offering. On top of a stellar design, high quality 8-strand cable and wealth of accessories – the FA9 is a real testament to the FiiO approach. There are room for improvements, however, and in particular – the tuning (while smooth) could do with a bit more immediacy and articulacy. While the sub-bass is full and extensive for a BA, the roll-off into mid-bass does create a bit of an uneven bass response. Hence, while the FiiO FA9 offers a whole lot for its price tag, a different implementation of its drivers has the potential to create a runaway product. I am really interested to see what they can come up with next…



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