If your primary thing is house or hip-hop and you need to be ground into the floor with bass, then this probably won’t be your first choice, but if you love that Pro Audio sound and want the open soundstage of the higher end open-backed dynamic headphones, in other words, if the HD800 headphones are your thing, then you’ll love the FiiO EM5 Beryllium-coated Dynamic Driver Earbuds, especially if you want the ease and comfort that go along with earbuds and at less than a quarter the price.

Dynamic and revealing, but not harsh or tinny, the EM5s made listening to everything I threw at them sound enjoyable, and the versatility of the clever Twist-lock Swappable connector make it easy to match them with any source. Efficient enough to run with any source, but not so much so as to make desktop units unusable, along with three choices of tonality, they make for a one-stop-shop able to adapt to any situation.

FiiO has clearly redefined the classic earbud and not only brought into the present, but made it acceptable for high-end audio. They are a “must hear” item, and will have you rethinking about earbuds. Kudos FiiO!



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