4.Instructions for the 3 modes of the BTA30

【BT RX Mode】
Input: Bluetooth in;
Output: coaxial, optical, and line-out.
Under this mode, the coaxial, optical, and line output can work at the same time.

【BT TX Mode】Input: USB, coaxial, and optical in;
Output: Bluetooth transmission.
1.Under the mode of USB in and Bluetooth out, the volume knob cannot work, and the LDAC codec is not supported. Because under this mode, the audio signal is not transmitted through the CT5302 chip which controls the volume. While the Bluetooth chip itself does not have the function of volume adjustment, so the volume knob on the device will be invalid at this time.
2.IF it is connected to a Bluetooth receiving device, double click the PAIR button to switch Bluetooth codecs of the BTA30.

【DAC Mode】

Input: USB, coaxial, and optical in;
Output: coaxial, optical, and line out.

1. Under USB input, three kinds of outputs can work at the same time, including the optical, coaxial and line-out output.
2. Under coaxial/optical input, only line-out output is supported.


【Other Tips】
1) The coaxial supports up to 192kHz and DSD64.
2) The optical supports up to 192kHz (Certain devices may not support up to 192kHz due to compatibilities), and DSD64.
3) The USB supports 48kHz.

【Three type of indicator lights】