Review: FiiO FA9 – The Canticle of Charisma

Like a cement mixer, FiiO churns and churns, putting out product after product, and laying down the foundations of portable audio brick by brick. Their release schedule is staggering, making sure the audio chain is well-represented, providing alternatives to alternatives. Their ascent to greatness will probably not stop until a skyscraper stands before you. And then they’d add more floors.

Right now, their star is the FA9, cementing (ahem) its status as the most accomplished transducer they’ve released so far. The FA9 possesses a tuning that is hard to ignore, combining a mesmerizing tone with captivating detail, pulling the listener in for second, third and fourth listens. The icing on the cake is the versatile switch system, making it a multi-genre master. Can you say four IEMs in one?



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