One More Flagship- FiiO's Latest Flagship Dynamic In-ear Monitors Is Officially Released!


The new acoustic wonder that we have been looking forward to is finally here. FiiO's flagship dynamic in-ear monitors, the FD5 will do a good job of enriching your music life.




Extraordinary textures

With a uniquely timeless industrial design, the FD5 applied a 3D embossed stainless steel to its faceplate processed by the all-new exposure and development craftsmanship, offering two distinctly different textures.



Carefully selected material

By combining Beryllium and diamond-like carbon (DLC) to the use of the dynamic driver, we make full use of the physical rigidity and flexibility properties of the materials to reduce unneeded vibration and appropriately damp sound for improved quality. Overall, the frequency response is balanced and distortion is minimized at all frequency ranges.




High-end audio inspired acoustic prism

By installing a conical device close to the front end of the driver diaphragm, we can precisely control how the sound waves travel in the sound tube – bringing benefits such as eliminating high frequency standing waves and enhancing overall sound wave diffusion.

A "volcanic field" system was added to the rear of the FD5 in order to reduce low-frequency standing waves, reduce distortion, and overall improve the diffusion of bass waves throughout the FD5. Besides, the FD5 also adopts a semi-open design, which relieves air pressure on the ear – leading to more comfortable and long listening sessions.



Satisfying using experience

Thoughtfulness starts with accessories. The FD5 includes carefully designed accessories, including interchangeable sound tubes, interchangeable audio jacks of 2.5/3.5/4.4, which takes care of the wearing comfort and makes it more fun to play with.



Key features of the FiiO FD5 include:

* Beryllium-coated DLC diaphragm

* Front acoustic prism

* Rear volcanic field system

* Semi-open acoustic design 

* Interchangeable sound tubes

* Interchangeable audio jacks


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