How to Get After-Sales Service for FiiO Products?


First, let's figure out where we can buy FiiO products while enjoying better customer service.

1. Local sales agents: At present, FiiO has local distributors and sales agents in more than 60 countries around the world. If you are interested in FiiO products, it is recommended to make a purchase from the local distributors or sales agents.

2. In the US, other than local distributors or sales agents, we have opened an official Amazon store .

3. FiiO Official AliExpress Store: If there is no FiiO distributor in your country, you can buy FiiO products from our official AliExpress store. By the way, if you know an appropriate candidate for selling our products as a local distributor, you can make a recommendation to us. We would really appreciate it. We prefer local sales agents for the reason that they are able to provide faster and more convenient product service and after-sales service for our customers. Here are the links of our AliExpress stores.

FiiO Official Store:

MeiRui Audio Store:


The above are the official and main channels for purchasing FiiO products. Surely, we understand that early adopters do not want to miss any chance for new products, part of whom will consider buying new products from other channels, including:

1. The products are bought from e-commerce platforms in China, such as Tmall and

2. Buy FiiO products from third-party platforms or non-FiiO official AliExpress stores, most of which are resold from Chinese retailers. Once the products need any after-sales help, it would be relatively hard.


What can be done if there are problems with FiiO products purchased through the above selling channels?

1. FiiO supports local sales agents to provide after-sales service. If you got a FiiO product from the local sales agent, please contact the seller first as soon as possible once it has a problem. Generally, they will provide timely after-sales service for you based on the local warranty clause. If the seller is unable to deal with it in time or cannot be contacted, you can contact the FiiO official by sending an email to

2. For FiiO products purchased from the FiiO official AliExpress store, any after-sales issues need to be handled by the FiiO factory. Please send an email to or contact the support staff at our AliExpress store.

3. If you have some quick questions that require remote guidance, or urgent after-sales needs, you can send a private message on Facebook or Head-fi. But it is recommended to send a complete after-sales application to

4. For any authentic FiiO product purchased from any unauthorized third party, we will still provide after-sales service in order to ensure the interests of our consumers, but customers need to contact FiiO support and send an email to support@fiio to ask for after-sales service.

5. If your product was bought in China, after-sales service will also be limited in China, which means you need to send the product back to China for repair once it is in need.

6. In the United States: if you got a FiiO product from our official Amazon store in the United States, you can contact the Amazon seller if you have any product issues. If you fail to get in touch with them, you can directly send an email to


As a brand manufacturer, we will be very happy no matter where you buy our products, and we have confidence in the quality of our products. However, from the point of view of after-sales convenience, it is recommended to buy our products from our local distributors or sales agents who can provide faster and more considerate service for you.


The following is some of our after-sales contact information in some countries. Note that you can only get after-sales service from the local sales agent if you get a FiiO product locally. If you buy it non-locally (such as from our AliExpress official store), please send an email to and attach your purchase record.









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