Makes Real Wireless HiFi, Feiao UTWS3 Bluetooth Headset Power Amplifier Experience

wanted to think, in the past two years, HiFi earphones of burning friends cannot be used directly because their mobile phones are no longer equipped with 3.5mm earphone ports. They often need to add a transfer, which is not only inconvenient to use, but also requires more things to go out. With the rise of TWS earphones, the really fragrant use experience has also made everyone very greedy and has gradually become a major pain point for burning friends.

Although there are some TWS-type Bluetooth upgrade lines on the market, either the thrust/sound quality is not satisfactory or the thrust/sound quality is OK, but the price is really high and not everyone can accept it. However, Feiao's new UTWS3 is just stuck in the positioning of high thrust, low noise and low cost performance.

interesting is that Feiao named UTWS3 "real wireless bluetooth headset power amplifier" instead of "real wireless bluetooth earphone cable". It gives me the feeling that Feiao is very confident in its thrust. Using "earphone" to locate this product can also see Feiao's confidence, but after all, it still depends on the "curative effect.

According to official information, the hardware configuration of Feiao UTWS3 is really interesting. First of all, Qualcomm QCC3020 Bluetooth chip is used, Bluetooth 5.0 is supported, aptx HD audio transmission capability is available, and TWS technology is also very important at present. The hardware performance is directly filled in the range of 500 yuan.

In addition, UTWS3 is equipped with an independent TPA6140A2 earpiece chip on the left and right sides respectively. This chip can provide a large thrust of up to 38mW. It is easy to drive most HiFi earphones in the market, and it also has the characteristics of low bottom noise. According to official test data, UTWS3 bottom noise is less than 8uV, which is very obvious compared with the 25uV of the previous generation UTWS1.

in terms of details, UTWS3 is equipped with two microphones on both sides, one is the main microphone for the call, and the other is the secondary microphone responsible for picking up environmental noise, because the QCC3020 has CVC noise reduction algorithm, which is of great help to the voice clarity of mobile phone calls.

and under high performance, the battery life of UTWS3 also achieves 5.5 hours of continuous playback of headphones with full power. If the mobile phone supports TWS (for example, Xiaomi 10, iQOO5 and other Xiaolong 865 models), it can be extended to 7 hours. With the charging box, the total battery life is about 30 hours. This endurance is really good,

the size of the headphone box of Feiao UTWS3 is relatively large, which is almost 3 times larger than the common AirPods. However, considering the need to accommodate the larger HiFi headphone and the large space reserved for the content, the large headphone box can also be understood. Hifi, just make the volume reasonably small.

UTWS3 earphone box is used in the same way as ordinary TWS earphones. Opening the lid of the earphone will automatically activate the earphone to connect to the mobile phone and take it out for use. When not in use, directly put the earphone back into the box, and when it is closed, the power supply of the earphone will be automatically turned off for charging. If it is not used for a long time after taking it out, it will automatically shut down and save electricity. You only need to press the power button on the ear to restart.

the earring part, the key points are as follows: 1. The earring uses high purity single crystal copper silver plated wire; 2. The main body of the earring is large in volume because it uses a large capacity battery. 3. Both the left and right sides are equipped with a light touch key to control the playing operation. Just press it lightly and it will be OK, and there will be no bad experience.

UTWS3 is connected to the mobile phone, the fiio control APP can be used for setting, OTA upgrade, EQ adjustment, channel balance and other operations, and the ear discharge power can be accurately displayed.

wearing, UTWS3 weighs about 6.5g (excluding earphones) on one side. After matching earphones, it is generally less than 20g (of course, if your earphones are heavy, then say something else). When wearing, the earphones and the main body of the earphones are just balanced one after another, so that the overall weight is well evenly distributed to the ears, so that there is basically no sense of weight when wearing, so the comfort. There is also a small detail, that is, the earphone part has IPX4 waterproof performance, which can satisfy the sweat splash during exercise. Of course, your earphone should be careful, after all, the earphone may not be too waterproof.

As for the sense of hearing, my evaluation standard is: compared with the original wire of the earphone, the gap is not big. Feiao's FA9 was selected for the audition headset here, and iQOO 5 mobile phone and Feiao M11 were used at the front end. In short, UTWS3 has enough thrust. Compared with iQOO 5 direct push with CS43131 decoding chip, there is no obvious gap. You know, the playback performance of iQOO 5 is close to that of entry-level players.

is changed to M11,UTWS3 is obviously not comparable. However, it should be said that the sound quality of this match basically sweeps through all the pure TWS earphones. After all, the sound bottom of FA9 is good enough. The configuration of 6 units is placed here. If you can't win, it's too fake.

In general, Feiao UTWS3 provides sound performance that exceeds the price expectation. Through QCC3020 powerful transmission and decoding capabilities and built-in independent earpiece chips, it provides strong thrust and good audio signals to make the sound quality of HiFi headphones perform better. Moreover, excellent power amplifier chips also have ultra-low bottom noise performance, allowing UTWS3 to adapt to more higher-end earphones. With long endurance, full-featured features and inexpensive features, it is enough for many fans to enjoy the convenience and high sound quality experience brought by TWS.

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