3.Introduction to the connector. How to change earphone units?

The UTWS3 is designed with 2 versions of connectors, MMCX and 0.78 2-pin.
--Rotate the MMCX connector when pulling it off the earphone.
--Align the pin to the earphone hole, and then apply force to pull it off or plug it on.



【What kind of earphones can be connected to the LC-BT2?】

The UTWS3 two-pin version uses a standard 0.78mm two-pin structure. To be as compatible as possible with the 0.78 headset on the market, the UTWS3 two-pin interface is flat.Can be compatible with the headphone base flat and protruding jack.


Headphones compatible with flat jack include: AKG-Faudio Chorus, AKG-Faudio Minor, and all the dual-pin jack headphones from Fiio, etc.

Headphones compatible with convex jack include: QDC VX Anole, QDC Uranus , QDC Fusion, etc.

Note: not compatible with headphone socket concave headphone, such as Audio-technica IM series