8.Introduction to the battery life, charging case and indicator lights

【Battery life】
Ear unit battery life for single use is about 5.5 hours, TWS+ mode about 7 hours, and in total of about 30 hours. Ear units can be charged 4-5 times with fully charged charging case.

【800mAh charging case】
1. The left and right ear hooks are placed in the appropriate position of the charging case. After closing the case lid, it will charge the ear hooks automatically.
2. If the case lid is opened, the ear hooks will not turn off when it is taken out or put in the charging case.


Indicator light of the charging case and the ear hooks are illustrated as follows:


【Indicator light of the left and right ear hooks】
1. Left and right ear hooks are charging: White light pulses for about 15s before going off. (The indicator light will stay ON if the charging case is connecting to a USB. )

2. Left and right ear hooks are fully charged: White light goes out.


【Indicator light of the charging case】
1. Remaining power indication (indicates when opening the case every time.)
21%~100%: White light constantly on for 5s;
20%~0%: Red light constantly on for 5s.

2. Charging case status indication:
Charging: White light pulses;
Fully charged: White light constantly on.

3. Ear hooks (in the case) status indication:
Pairing: Red&white light flash alternately.