add a sense of ceremony to the love machine, LC-Q1II and LC-Q1M7 machine sets are officially listed!


these days, there seems to be an unwritten rule to start with new machines. The first time I got it, I didn't play with it seriously, but bought a thick cover to wrap the machine tightly for fear of bumping into it. This behavior seems to have become the ritual of the new machine.

not only do people have this idea, we also pay attention to the ritual feeling of products.

Starting today, Feiao officially launched the Q1 Mark II decoding earphone setLC-Q1IIand Q1 Mark II bundle M7 special kitLC-Q1M7, the black machine cover that has been good for ten thousand years not only protects your love machine, but also facilitates daily binding travel.

the significance of improving the sense of ceremony lies in, can make today different from other days. Machinethe sense of ceremony, start with the machine cover!

LC-Q1II Listing Price: 68 yuan

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LC-Q1M7 Listing Price: 98 yuan

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