Modify the volume settings, optimize the usage experience, and upgrade the UTWS3 firmware.

some people say that if you want to transform your wired earphone into a more portable TWS earphone and still pursue sound quality, then Feiao UTWS3 is a "music earphone plug-in" that is especially suitable for you "! UTWS3 is indeed a Bluetooth earhook with relatively perfect functions, especially recommended! With the listing of earrings, we have also made some optimizations for market feedback products. Friends who need it should upgrade quickly!

UTWS3 FW0.2.46 firmware update points are as follows:

1. Modify the volume logic to cancel each connection and force the volume of the phone to the maximum.

2. Fix other bugs.

UTWS3Upgrade tutorial:Click to view

UTWS3 local upgrade FW0.2.46 firmware download:Click


1. You can only upgrade the latest firmware for online upgrade. If you need to upgrade the firmware locally, you can download the firmware in the UTWS3 firmware section:Click

2.UTWS3 supports online upgrade. After Android devices (mobile phones or M15) are connected to the Internet, you can directly upgrade them to UTWS3. You need to upgrade them twice. The online upgrade tutorial is as follows.