Paradigm Shift Complete – FiiO FA9 Earphones Review

The value of FA9 is amazing, given how easily it can stand against other high-end IEMs and other flagships. The package is amazing, with tips enough to fit any ear, and the cable is also amazing from the start. Of course, if you’re looking for multiple cables, the value will lessen a bit, but as I always say, better to have one and good, than to have many and poor. 

Going forward, the build quality of FA9 is outstanding, with detachable cables, good comfort, and good ergonomics. No void, no driver flex, no microphonic noise, and surely enough, FiiO made sure that you can see the high-quality drivers inside of FA9, making them a beauty to behold. 



The sound of FA9 is warm, natural, full and impactful. Pretty much what I’d consider perfect for all music styles, from rock to metal to classical to rap. Not only that, but FA9 has amazing detail, clarity and impact, along with one of the best imaging / instrument separations I’ve heard. The three mechanical switches also allow you to tweak the sound of FA9 to your liking, giving you some flexibility on how you can fine tune them 

All of those reasons, combined with how well it compares to other IEMs make me sure that I got to add FA9 to Audiophile-Heaven’s Hall Of Fame, as one of the best IEMs there are in the entire world, and one you really need to know about. They don’t replace the original FH7 though, both of them can stay in the Hall Of Fame, as both serve a different signature, and will please different music lovers. As for the title of this review, I think that the paradigm shift is complete now, and FiiO shouldn’t be thought of as an entry-level producer, but is now a true audiophile company with flagships, midrange and entry-level products serving our passion for music. 



Author: Gheorghe Dobrescu ; From:

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