, I have a meeting at Guangzhou Station. Please take care of Feiao's audition strategy ~

the dribs and drabs of the Nanjing station gathering are still vivid in my mind, and the Guangzhou station gathering will begin in a twinkling of an eye! The coordinates are in the Feiao base camp in Guangzhou. You must come to the scene to meet with the burning friends ~ and the main character of this party is, of course, a variety of new products to be launched by Feiao! According to the audition comments of many fans at the Shanghai International Headset Show last time, we are very confident in the M11Plus of the super-large cup player, the newly upgraded headset FH5s and the flagship earphone K9Pro. If you also want to listen to the new product first, you must come to us and have fun!

activities, and you still have a chance to take them away.Feiao Fan, surprises should not be missed!

1. flagship rookie important spoilers!

M series players (M11Plus, M17), flagship desktop earpieceK9Pro. New headphonesFH5sare on display, and some products are also available for on-site audition!

2. all kinds of flagship live audition!

Flagship Moving Coil HeadsetFD5, True Wireless Headset Power AmplifierUTWS3, flagship playerM15and other hot products will also attend the scene, looking forward to your audition!

1. Flagship Moving Coil HeadsetFD5(Won the "Five Star Recommendation Award" of IBTimes International Financial Times, using beryllium diaphragm plated on the top of diamond ball, replaceable sound duct design, in-line replaceable audio plug)

2. Flagship Android Smart HD Lossless Music PlayerM15(iF International Design Award, 2020 Black Gold Science and Technology Award, HIVI BESTBUY 2020 SUMMER, VGP 2021 Player Gold Award, Audio and Video Best Award Mobile Audio Player Comprehensive Power Award, Equipped with High Performance DAC AK4499EQ * 2, Exynos 7872 Master Control, 768kHz/32bit Support, Hard Solution DSD512)

3. Flagship Six-Unit Moving Iron HeadsetFA9(Won the Gold Award for Excellent HiFi Audio at 2020 China International Headset Exhibition, the Top Audio and Video Award for In-Ear Headset Annual popularity Award, DLP 3D printing technology, 80.6mm ultra-long labyrinth sound tube, 3rd gear switch adjustment, eight-strand single crystal copper silver plated wire)

4. Flagship Beryllium-plated diaphragm flat-head moving coil earphoneEM5(won ZOL Zhongguancun Online 2020 Outstanding Product Award and 2020 Microcomputer Editor's Choice Award of the Year, using 14.2mm beryllium plated composite diaphragm, low frequency acoustic flute tube design, high purity sterling silver earphone line, fourth generation DLP 3D printing technology, 2.5/3.5/4.4 rotary locking replaceable plug)

5. Android Smart HD Lossless Music PlayerM11 Pro(won the European Audio and Video Award EISA "Best Mobile Audio Player" Award, 2021 VGP Player Award, 2020 VGP SUMMER Player Award, 2020 China International Headset Exhibition Excellent HiFi Audio Gold Award, with Exynos 7872 Master Control, High Performance Audio DAC AK4497EQ * 2,THX Certified Ear Module, 5.15 "Full Screen)

6. Portable Bluetooth EarringsBTR5(won the 2021 VGP ear holder award, 2020 VGP SUMMER ear holder award, Bluetooth 5.0, support for full format Bluetooth coding, 3.5 2.5 balanced single-ended interface)

7. Flagship Bluetooth DSD Decoder EarringsQ5s TC(new Type-C interface, standard AM3D module, THX ear release technology, Bluetooth 5.0 support, aptX adaptive HD Bluetooth format, 3.5 4.4mm output interface)

8. Portable Bluetooth EarringsBTR3K(won the award of VGP 2021 ear amplifier, supports high definition Bluetooth coding, 2.5 balanced 3.5 single-ended interface, high performance DAC AK4377A * 2, double crystal oscillator design)

9. Five-unit Lou's Ring Iron HeadsetFH7(won VGP 2021 earphone category award, VGP 2020 SUMMER earphone category award, using Lou's DFK SWFK composite moving iron unit, 13.6mm large moving coil beryllium diaphragm unit, standard LC-3.5C high purity single crystal copper silver plated wire)

10. Neck-mounted Bluetooth Headset Upgrade LineLC-BT2(ergonomic neck-hanging design; Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip supports SBC/AAC/aptX HD/LDAC Bluetooth format; With AK4331 independent DAC)

11. True Wireless Bluetooth Power AmplifierUTWS3(Won the Recommend Buy Award of "Headfonia", using Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, independent high-performance earpiece, TWS low latency technology, APP intelligent control, 30-hour battery life)

12. HiFi Bluetooth audio transceiverBTA30(LDAC bidirectional blueteeth, high-performance audio DSP,High-performance independent DAC AK4490)

13. THX Balanced Decoding EarQ3(Won the VGP 2021 Ear Award and the Recommend Buy Award of Headfonia, Adopting THX AAA Ear Technology, Low Power DAC AK4462, XMOS XUF208, Supports 768K/32B, DSD512 Hard Solution)

3. activity time

March 28, 2021 (Sunday) 13:00-18:00

4. activity location

the conference hall on the 3rd floor of Guangzhou garden hotel,No. 368 Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province (Metro Gold Rush Station)

5. registration method

from now until March 26, 2021, burning friends please add WeChat (micro signal erbian0220) to sign up, after paying the registration fee of 1 yuan (to confirm the authenticity of the registration), and noting the network nickname, name and phone number at the "small public event in the ear", join the WeChat group of the party. Friends who sign up in advance and sign in at the scene can participate in the lottery at the party site.

6. and friends

I want to attend the ear-to-ear Guangzhou party!

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