4. How to use the RC-BT with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously?

1) Enable the Bluetooth function on both the deivce A and device B that need to be used simultaneously with the RC-BT.
2) While the RC-BT is powered off, hold the power button of the RC-BT for around 5 seconds to enter pairing mode (with the red and blue light flashing alternately). Search for RC-BT on the device A and pair it with the RC-BT.
3) On device A, select RC-BT in the device list and disconnect. After that power off the RC-BT by holding the Power button for around 3 seconds
4) Follow the step 2 to pair and connect the RC-BT with the device B
5) Select RC-BT on device A to reconnect
After that, if you play music on device A, you can hear the music from it on the RC-BT. And if you pause the music on the device A then play on device B, you can hear the music from the device B.