1. Can the Q1 Mark II work as DAC for Android phones?

A: Q1 Mark II is a standard DAC & Amplifier supports USB input, following the USB audio transmission specification. Theoretically,it supports any players with USB audio output, which means as long as your Android phone supports OTG audio output, it can be used with Q1 Mark II /Q5.

But according to our tests and former feedbacks of FiiO E18, the USB output of some Android phones are not so standard, and it will also change with different firmware versions of the Android phone. So whether Q1 Mark II 
/Q5 can work normally for your Android phones depends on the Android phone, instead of Q1 Mark II/Q5. If you have this kind of concern, please consider carefully before purchasing. Thank you for your kind understanding.
Therefor, we're not responsible for the warranty resulting from the compatibility with android phones. Here're some more explanations about working used as DAC for Android phones, please kindly find it for your reference: click here.