FiiO FD5/FH5s/M11 Plus LTD Won the Japan HiVi Best Buy 2021 SUMMER Award!

Recently, the famous Japanese audiovisual magazine "HiVi" announced the HIVI BEST BUT 2021 SUMMER award winners, among which the FiiO FD5 and FH5s respectively won the first and third prize in the earphone category (20,000~50,000 yen), and the M11 Plus LTD won the third prize in the portable digital audio player category (under 100,000 yen).


HiVi magazine belongs to the world-renowned Japan Stereo Sound, Japan's most high-end, most influential, and authoritative audio and video magazine. Keeping paying great attention to practical applications, it mainly focuses on introducing high-quality audio and video products, which includes a large number of test reports from well-known Japan AV critics. With a history of 30 years, it is extremely influential in the industry.


[FD5&FH5s each took gold and bronze award]

The flagship dynamic earphones FD5 is equipped with a newly designed beryllium-plated 12mm DLC diaphragm dome with swappable sound tubes. The front acoustic prism and semi-open acoustic design made it a flagship worth being the champion in the earphone category against all the other rivals. In addition, the FD5 was also "Five-Star Recommended" by the IBTimes (International Business Times), and was granted the "Golden Hardware Award" of the game evaluation platform mmorpg, and the VPG 2021 SUMMER award in the earphone category (30,000-50,000 yen)!



In terms of the 2 dynamic drivers 2 balanced armatures in-ear monitors, the FH5s, which featured a dragon scale design and three sound tuning switches, is capable of giving its users an unparalleled music feast. By virtue of the attractive appearance and exquisite craftsmanship, it was highly appreciated by experts and won the third prize in the earphone category. In addition, the FH5s was also "Five-Star Recommended" by the IBTimes (International Business  Times), and was granted the VPG 2021 SUMMER award in the earphone category (30,000-50,000 yen)!


[M11 Plus LTD braved the wind and the waves to be a classic collection]

At the beginning of the R&D process, the M11 Plus LTD was faced with various severe challenges such as the short supply of chips, redesign and R&D. But eventually, it achieved a timeless combination of AK4497EQ*2+ Qualcomm Snapdragon 660. Its outstanding sound performance and innovative design have been well praised by professional media and consumers in Japan, and won the third prize. In addition, the M11 Plus LTD was the winner of the Recommended Buy Award from the well-known audio website Headfonia, and the Japanese VPG 2021 SUMMER award in the player category (60,000-100,000 yen).


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