1. How to do when the device is malfunctioning, like failing to boot, no sounds when playing music?

[Fail to turn on]
When the E10K-TC could not be turned on, please try to reconnect or unplug and plug it off the USB to return to normal performance.

[No sounds out, noisy sounds, only one channel can work]
The following methods can help you troubleshoot the cause:
1. Reboot the E10K-TC by operating the power on/off knob.
2. Switch input source: such as the adapter cable, USB cable, computer
3. Switch output source: such as headphones, headphone cable
If the methods provided above do not work, please contact our support team by sending an email to support@fiio.com or support@fiio.net.

[Water damage]
Please shut down the E10K-TC immediately and do not charge it. Store it in a dry place and contact our support team for help.