2. How to use the E10K-TC as a USB DAC for computers?

[Windows system]
*Windows system supports USB DAC 2.0 mode: When first connecting, please go to our website to download the DAC driver, and install it as the instruction to enable the USB DAC function.
Download link: http://fiio-file.fiio.net/FiiO_USB_DAC_Driver-V4.47.0.zip
*The following instruction takes Windows 7 as an example to introduce how to install the USB DAC driver (v4.47.0) on the computer, and use the E10K-TC to play songs: https://forum.fiio.com/note/showNoteContent.do?id=202106181129330797039&tid=17

MacBook does not need to install the driver. Directly choose the E10K-TC as the output device. 

How to use the FiiO device as USB DAC on MAC: https://forum.fiio.com/note/showNoteContent.do?id=202105191616354037331