1.How to do if the the NEW K3 is malfunctioning, like failing to boot, no sounds when playing music?

【No sounds out, noisy sounds, fail to power on】
The following methods can help you troubleshoot the cause:

1. The NEW K3 does not support being reset. You can restart it by turning the On/Off knob again or unplugging and plugging the USB cable.
2. Change the input source: try other USB cables, or use a mobile phone or computer input to figure out the fault.
3. Change the output source: for example, replace earphones or the earphone cable with other outputs, such as optical and coaxial outputs, to figure out the fault.
4. Software: there are many reasons for software failures. Please ensure the DAC driver is installed successfully, the player and the output of the system are switched to the NEW K3, and try to play other Flac and DSD tracks.

If the methods provided above do not work, please contact our support team by sending an email to support@fiio.com.

【Water damage】
Please shut down the NEW K3 immediately and do not charge it. Store it in a dry place and contact our support team for help.