2.Instructions for the Power switch/GAIN/BASS/USB AUDIO of the NEW K3.

【Power switch】
*Turn the Power/Volume knob clockwise until a click sound is heard to turn on the device; keep turning clockwise to increase the volume.
*Turn anticlockwise to decrease the volume; turn anticlockwise until a click sound is heard to turn off the device.

【GAIN switch】
*●●: Switch to high gain
●: Switch to low gain
*Available in line-out, headphone and balanced output.

【BASS switch】
*Bass boosting: Turn the BASS switch from '○' to '●' to boost the bass performance.
*Available in headphone output and balanced output.

1. You can use the USB AUDIO 1.0 mode which runs driver-free to enjoy up to 96kHz/24-bit PCM audio.
2. The USB AUDIO 2.0 supports up to 384kHz/DSD 256, but it requires downloading and installing the FiiO USB DAC driver.