5. Can I use the NEW K3 as a USB DAC for mobile phones?

There is no battery in the NEW K3. Connecting to a mobile phone will consume the power of the mobile phone. Therefore, it is recommended not to connect it to a mobile phone. Here's the usage method attached. Whether to follow depends upon users' needs.

[Android-based phone]
Use the included Type C-Type C data cable (follow the arrow direction at the cable) to connect the NEW K3 to a mobile phone. So you can directly enjoy high-quality music by playing songs.

If no sounds out after connection, please check:
1. Settings of the music app on the phone: turn on the USB output if the music app has one. For some devices, the USB output needs to be shut down.
2. Make sure the USB debugging is enabled in the developer mode.
Go to the settings menu -> developer mode on the mobile phone to enable USB debugging and or OTG. (Those without this function are free of this setting.)
3. Make sure to use the included Type C- Type C OTG cable correctly (follow the arrow direction on the cable if it has one).
4. Since the USB audio of various brands of mobile phones is not standardized yet, FiiO cannot guarantee full compatibility. If it fails to connect even following the above instructions, please try other mobile phones or connect to the computer DAC to rule out whether the hardware of individual devices is detective (the probability of such a condition happening is low). If it still cannot work, you may consider sending it back for repair or replacement.

The K3 is not compatible with iOS devices.