6. How to use the NEW K3 as a USB DAC for computers?

[Windows system]
*Windows system supports USB DAC 2.0 mode: When first connecting, please go to our website to download the DAC driver, and install it as the instruction to enable the USB DAC function.
Download link: https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/gooSMTKOs6vTEh1dDLRo5VLUHn230khHPw17egavnTF
*The following instruction takes Windows 7 as an example to introduce how to install the USB DAC driver (v4.47.0) on the computer, and use the NEW K3 to play songs: https://forum.fiio.com/note/showNoteContent.do?id=202106181129330797039&tid=17
*How to play music in a DSD format when connected to a computer? 
Refer to the Q1II: https://forum.fiio.com/note/showNoteContent.do?id=202105281106126083841

Macbook does not need to install the driver. Directly choose the NEW K3 as the output device. It is recommended to set the system output volume on the computer to the max level and then adjust the output volume of the NEW K3 with its volume knob.

How to use the FiiO device as USB DAC on MAC: https://forum.fiio.com/note/showNoteContent.do?id=202105191616354037331

1. When the NEW K3 is connected to a Macbook in the USB AUDIO 2.0 mode, it can play DSD tracks up to DSD128. This is because under OSX, DoP can only support up to DSD128 (In Macbooks, DSD256 needs to be processed with 768k, while the NEW K3 supports up to only 384kHz.)
2. In theory, OSX can be connected to the NEW K3 to play Native DSD256, but it needs a MFi-certified playback software that supports Native output.

[Linux computer]
The Linux system runs drive-free. Theoretically, it can be used directly once connected. However, due to the large number of versions, it cannot be guaranteed that all systems can be adapted. If it cannot be identified once connected, it is recommended to try other data cables or USB ports.