8. Frequently asked questions when using the NEW K3 as a USB DAC

[Highest supported decoding]
The PCM supports up to 384k/32bit; DSD supports up to Native DSD256.

[Why is the DSD256 not supported in DoP mode when the K3s is decoding a player?]
Due to the limitation of the player itself, the DoP output only supports DSD128 at the highest. DSD256 can only be supported in a Native manner.

[About the coaxial and optical output]
The coaxial and optical output can work simultaneously, but the volume cannot be controlled.
The coaxial output supports up to 192k/24bit and DSD64 DoP, while the optical supports up to 96k/24bit.

[When the K3s is connected to a speaker via the coaxial and optical output port, why would there be no sound for certain tracks?]
 When the output in the music app is set to "KS"or "ASIO" (DSD plug-in), the sampling rate of the coaxial and optical outputs of the K3s will follow that of the playing tracks. However, most speakers on the market that support SPDIF input only support 48kHz, so there will be no sound.
In this case, it is recommended to set the output to "DS" or "wave out" in the music app.