is small and fine, USB decoding earpiece E10K Type-C version is new for sale!

small and refined E10K Type-C can not only be your accompanying companion, but also be placed on the desktop for a long time to add points to music.

E10K Type-C for decoding earphones in version 2021,equipped with flagship Xmos chip XMOS XUF208,USB decoding and device adaptability are better.Upgrade the USB Audio mode to UAC2.0, and increase the PCM sampling rate to 384kHz/32bit, unlock more music details instantly.

to deal with different headphones,E10K Type-C has high and low gain adjustment and bass enhancement functions. The high gain state is more suitable for headphones with higher impedance, and can be used with a bass switch to meet the listening requirements of different music types. Optimized active low-pass and BASS circuit design ensures lower bottom noise in each state and restores the original face of the sound.

is not only small in design, but also very simple in operation of E10K Type-C.adopts Type-C interface,has wider compatibility, supports earphone output, coaxial output and line output, and can easily adapt to your audio equipment. E10K Type-C in hand, good music I have, come and hold it ~

listing price: 499 yuan

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