[Vagal Reflection. Evaluation Machine] Advanced Choice Feiao FD3 & FD3 Pro Headphones

I wrote more than 1,000 words in this article, and then rewritten it, because Mrs. Ma sent another FD3 Pro to let me write it together......

The reason is that after a few days of cooking, I listened carefully to the FD3 Pro under the 4.4mm balance port and found that this is the real research and development prototype, while FD3 is the version of temporary line change to reduce the cost and carry out price war, so this article is still around FD3 Pro.

Note: FD3 and FD3 Pro are only different from wires. FD3 is a 3.5mm plug with 4 strands of 120-core single crystal copper wire, FD3 Pro is an 8-strand of 152-core wire with replaceable plug (the same as standard with FD5), and the unit and other accessories are completely the same.

I personally think that at the advanced price of less than 1,000 yuan, headphones that are tuned to please the ears will take advantage of it. Overemphasis on quality and Hi-Fi purpose will easily make it easy to lose some advanced users who are confused. In fact, like photography, the small white happy machine that emphasizes straight out is more topical and more "friendly to the people". However, if it does not enter the later stage, it will be stuck in this stage. Hi-Fi advanced stage is also "better at music and equipment". Feiao FD3 and FD3 Pro are prepared for this group of users.

first talk about sound:(4.4mm balance port)

1. The basic quality of FD3 Pro is very high. The sound is balanced, transparent and dyeing is not obvious. The analytical power is a little superior. Even compared with FD5, it is not inferior. It is suspected that Feiao does not have castration technology of moving coil unit. The diaphragm is even a full DLC diamond diaphragm, which is a little upgraded compared with FD5.

In some tracks compiled by CUHK, FD3 Pro can clearly feel the sound lines of different instrumental music, and the detailed resonance of the instrument itself, wiping strings and other sounds can also be displayed. In addition, it has a good positioning and sense of space, which is good for pure instrumental music. The repertoire has a good performance. In terms of vocal music, the human voice is relatively close to the ears, with obvious knots, many lip and tooth details, moderate tooth weakening, and the chorus part will not have the problem of instrumental music squeezing out the C position of the human voice. The only thing lacking is that the human voice in some recordings is not full and prominent.

2.FD3 Pro replaceable wire, replaceable catheter, plusthe balanced tuning based on the original purpose of the Hi-Fi, so that users have more playability, by changing the earphone cable and earplug cover, etc., to call up a more suitable voice.

FD3 Pro to be competent for popularity. If you replace the 3.5mm plug, replace the catheter, and then replace the SF sleeve, the vocal part will become more prominent. Use"brick player"as the front end, the fullness of the human voice will also increase.

3. High-quality moving coil units need enough time to burn the machine, andFD3 Pro's Driving Force Requirements for Front Endis not low.

, as a moving coil unit pursuing high resolution and high transient, it is normal to turn on the sound hard and requires a certain amount of time to burn the machine. At present, the FD3 in hand will have softer sound and greater dynamics under the same earphone line because it takes longer to burn the machine.FD3 Prowith Feiao's own BTR5 and BTR7 can have good sound, but if it is the front end of M11 Plus and M15 with high thrust, the quality level is obviously improved, that is to sayThe upper limit of FD3 Pro is very high and can be exceeded.

packaging and accessories:

package is black, which is smaller than the 5 series, but there are not many internal accessories.

storage box, cleaning stick, quick release bayonet and a pile of earplug sleeves, and a pile of tuning conduits

earplug covers are divided into four styles, but unfortunately there is no SF cover.

Feiao, this quick-release bayonet is very good, which is convenient for plugging and inserting MMCX port.

Appearance and Acoustic Design:

FD3 Prodesign, materials and workmanship are very high, especially the choice of shell materials, but the disadvantage is that the unit itself is biased.metal cavity is made of five-axis CNC, the surface is polished, the panel is made of celluloid, the texture of each piece is different, and the outermost surface is 2.5D tempered glass panel, its permeability and wear resistance are better than ordinary resin materials.

FD3 Procavity is very standard. The cross section of the main body is a regular circle, and the connection position is a separate small cylinder with a deflection catheter. That is to say, the moving coil unit basically enjoys this regular round cavity, which can reduce the tuning difficulty., it is easier to make good sounds.

DLC diamond diaphragm, 12mm full-band large-diameter moving coil, plus 1.5 Tesla high magnetic flux, obviously takes the route of high-quality moving coil unit.

In fact, if you look at the official website introduction, you will find thatFD3 Proand FD5 are very similar in acoustic design. Except for the different positions of the pressure relief holes on the semi-open rear cavity, even the adjustable catheter tuning is retained,FD3 Procan basically be regarded as FD5 technology decentralization, so at the pure quality level,FD3 Prois quite high.

About FD3 andSelect FD3 Pro

If you are considering advanced earplugs, thenFD3 Pro is an unwrong choice, taking into account both high quality andHi-Fi original tuning, you can also get more tuning styles through wire change and catheter, and the playability is quite high; and FD3, if you already have a good earphone cable, then choose it, which is more cost-effective.

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