Move your Music in Autumn! Flagship Portable HiFi Bluetooth DAC and Amplifier BTR5 2021 Is Coming!

In this autumn carnival, we should let ourselves out. FiiO’s new release, the BTR5 2021, the flagship portable HiFi Bluetooth DAC and amplifier will be there to really make your music come to life.


Fresh and quiet autumn days will not be short of pure sounds. The BTR5 2021 comes with two all-new ES9219C DACs, ensuring low power consumption yet with high SNR for wireless new sounds. Better performance, stronger decoding capacity.


With a new DAC scheme, the BTR5 2021 supports MQA Renderer, so that it can unfold MQA tracks on your mobile phone, allowing for rich, master-quality sound reproduction with high sampling rates in manageable file sizes.


In daily usage environments, the BTR5 2021 can work as a USB DAC/Amp. It supports a switch to the USB DAC/Amp mode by just a single tap. If a USB connection is detected, a selection menu will automatically pop up on the screen. At this time, press any button to disable the charging function and enter the USB DAC/Amp mode.


Keep features of the BTR5 2021 include:

--Dual high performance ES9219C DACs
--Qualcomm CSR8675
--XMOS XUF 208
--Supports MQA Renderer
--3.5mm+2.5mm headphone outputs
--FiiO Music App smart control

No more hesitation. Just refresh your music library and discover more surprises with the FiiO BTR5 2021.


To find out more about the BTR5 2021, please visit the product page on


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