Come and Go Freely, Earphone Cable LC-RC with Interchangeable Audio Plugs Is Formally Released!

Be in trouble with keeping changing earphone cables of different types to fit different devices? The high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper earphone cable LC-RC with interchange audio plugs, is here to help with adaptability with earphones of different audio plugs.


The LC-RC cable uses high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline wire – specifically, 8 strands of 19 cores each for a total of 152 wires. Each wire is individually isolated and all are braided together in the Litz style. This greatly minimizes the adverse skin and proximity effects and thus reduces the resistance of the wires, letting signals travel through the wire more easily and purely – improving high-frequency resolution in your music.


The LC-RC features twist-lock swappable audio plugs, allowing you to freely switch between 2.5 Bal./3.5 SE/4.4mm Bal. plugs to accommodate a variety of music sources.


The outer sheath of the cable is made from environmentally friendly German TPU material, with a lustrous transparent black look. As added bonuses, the TPU material is also resistant against yellowing after long-term use and against stiffening when in low-temperature environments.


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Take the time! This versatile LR-RC cable will be with you right away.


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