1. What should I do if the K9 Pro is abnormal? And safety instructions

【Could not be turned on】

1. Unplug and replug the power cord to make sure the power cord has connected to the K9Pro firmly.   and
2. Turn on the switch on the back of the K9 Pro. If the issue still remains, please try to hold the input button for about 10s.
3. Try to replace the fuse. Remember to check whether the voltage switch is in the correct option before powering on the K9Pro again.

[No sound, noisy sound]
The following methods can help you troubleshoot the cause:

1. Please confirm whether the volume wheel indicator light is on, whether it is in silent mode, short press the power/multi-function button
2. K9 Pro does not have a reset button, you can restart K9 Pro by switching the rocker switch on the rear panel
3. Replace the input terminal: When connecting with earphones from the front panel, [OUTPUT] needs to be switched to [HP]. Switch to other input ports, or change to a mobile phone or computer under USB to locate whether the fault is from the K9 Pro or the front end
4. Replace the output terminal: such as earphones, earphone cables, replace them with other outputs such as line output, balanced output, etc. to locate the fault

5. Replace the fuse: The fuse is used to cut off the power supply when there is a short circuit or voltage mismatch, which protects the K9 Pro
6. Software side: There are many reasons for the software side failure, which can be eliminated by the following methods, whether the DAC driver is installed, whether the playback software and the output of the system are correspondingly switched to K9 Pro, and whether other sampling rate Flac and DSD tracks can be played

If the methods provided above cannot solve the problem, please contact our official customer service "FiiO" manual customer service to give you further detailed answers

Turn it off immediately and stop using it. Do not supply power. Keep it in a dry place. Contact our customer service to register for repair.