3.K9 Pro's signal input and output method description

[Input Supported by K9 Pro]
K9 Pro supports USB input, optical input, coaxial input, line input, Bluetooth input, a total of 5 input methods, through the front panel INPUT button to switch the input

The highest sample rate supported by each input mode
USB: 384kHz/32bit, DSD256
Coaxial: 192kHz/24bit, coaxial does not support DOP
Optical fiber: up to 96kHz/24bit
Bluetooth: LDAC protocol supports up to 96k
Line: analog signal, pure amplification, no decoding

Input priority
1. USB input: side USB C port> rear USB B port, when both port B and port C are connected with signal input, K9 Pro will decode the signal from port C first
2. Line input: 4.4 Line input>LINE IN

[K9 Pro output]
K9 Pro supports 6.35mm single-ended output, 4.4 balanced output, XLR4 balanced output, RCA line output (LINE OUT), balanced line output (BALANCED OUT), a total of 5 output methods

Output priority
1. The output is mainly divided into [HP] front panel output and [PRE] rear panel output
2. [HP] Front panel output: 4.4mm, 6.35mm and XLR4 balanced output, the same priority, can be output at the same time
3. [PRE] Rear panel output: LINEOUT and BALANCE OUT can be output at the same time