5. K9 Pro accessories list description

Packing list:
1. K9 Pro *1
2. Power cord*1
3. Square port USB data cable*1
4. Bluetooth antenna *1
5. 6.35mm male to 3.5mm female Headphone jack adapter*1
6. Quick start*1
7. Warranty card*1
8. Instruction card for voltage selection*1
9. Fuse*1
10. Voltage protection plug*1

[Why do you use the fuse?]
The fuse is used to cut off the power supply when there is a short circuit or voltage mismatch, which protects the K9 Pro
It can be replaced with other fuses of the same specification, fuse tube specification @T 250V500mA H 5.2x20mm

[Where should the red voltage level at the bottom be toggled? ]
The voltage protection plug is plugged to the bottom to prevent dust. There are two voltage ranges of 110V and 220V, which can be adjusted to the corresponding voltage according to the local voltage range.