13. How to play DSD tracks with K9 Pro?

The method of using Foobar 2000 to play general lossless tracks is very simple, and it can be done in three steps:
1. After decompressing the folder, install the Foobar 2000 and FiiO DAC driver
2. Use the data cable to connect the computer and the decoding device: K9 Pro, Q3, BTR5, etc.
3. Open the playback software Foobar2000 and set the output to: ASIO: FiiO ASIO Driver, some computers will not switch automatically, you need to switch the computer's audio output device to the corresponding decoding device

Additional settings are required to play DSD
1. Install the components, install all the plug-ins of the package
2. Click output, select the output mode ASIO: foo_dsd_asio
3. Click on SACD decoder, drive mode selection: DSD
4. This needs to be set according to different decoding devices. DoP Marker 0x05/0xFA is preferred. Some decoders also support ASIO Native"