14. How to play MQA tracks on K9 Pro?

K9 Pro supports USB to unfold MQA tracks, K9 Pro is equivalent to MQA Renderer, it needs to be equipped with a front-end mobile phone or player that supports MQA Core. 
Generally speaking, whether a set of equipment can successfully unfold MQA tracks can be analyzed from the direction of the audio signal.
Audio signal direction: audio source -> playback software, playback equipment -> connection cable -> K9Pro  
1. Audio source: the song is MQA coded track 
2. Playback software: supports MQA playback, if the software does not support it, only ordinary lossless tracks will be played.
3. Playback device: install software that supports MQA on your mobile phone or buy a player that supports MQA, such as FiiO M11 Plus LTD. 
4. Adapter cable: When connecting the MQA decoder, the player and the decoder need to be connected with an OTG adapter cable. Both USBs of K9 Pro can be connected to the mobile phone or the player through the OTG adapter cable to unfold MQA 
5. K9 Pro only supports USB MQA unfold, the panel output button [OUTPUT] pay attention to the corresponding output.