15. Differences between K9 Pro and K9 Pro ESS

【Main differences on the electronic part】

1. Different DAC: the K9 Pro ESS uses dual ES9038PRO (the best flagship DAC in the ESS family), while the K9 Pro uses the best AMK AK4499, which has been discontinued for 2 years due to the fire that happened to AKM.

2. Slight difference on the internal circuit: due to needs on adjusting the power supply, indicators and sound properties, we have made some slight adjustments on part of the electric circuits (But the key parts are still the same, as excellent as the former ones).

3. Slight improvements on the output power, distortion and SNR compared to the K9 Pro.

【Main differences in the structural portion】

1. Due to larger output power, we have designed heat dissipation holes on both sides to help dissipate more heat. (Placing the K9 Pro ESS horizontally can help to dissipate more heat).

2. The volume knob was changed to a PVD processed gold one, which looks more attractive.

3. The internal structure has been improved to dissipate more heat.

4. Included are the support stand and isolation feet, helping to save more space on the desktop when placed vertically.