Create a Collector's Audio System! FiiO Flagship Desktop DAC and Amplifier, the K9 Pro, Is Available.

Yes, here comes your expecting desktop DAC/Amp- that is FiiO's Flagship Desktop DAC and Amplifier, the K9 Pro! Positioned as a flagship, the K9 Pro seeks the best in configurations and features to spare no effort to acquire the sound quality you like.


Excellent configurations are the basis of good sound. The K9 Pro is equipped with the legendary AKM AK4499EQ, supporting up to 384 kHz and native DSD256 audio. The newest generation of XMOS chips supports dual-mode clock management technology that under USB and Bluetooth decoding, dual asynchronous femtosecond clocks are used. In addition, the THX AAA 788+ chips used in the K9 Pro provide exemplary details and dynamics no matter if you are using low or high-impedance headphones.


The K9 Pro benefits from the following features- fully differential signals go through the whole process when the K9 Pro is working, thus ensuring minimal interference between different components in order to fully maintain all details and large dynamic swings in music. The PCB uses a partitioned layout, wherein guaranteeing the integrity of the audio signal being processed. Every audio signal goes through a mammoth 6-stage circuit to reproduce music as faithfully as possible with every last detail. The power supply uses dual voltage linear transformers to provide clean and rich power yet making for purer sound quality.


The K9 Pro supports the unfolding of MQA tracks, allowing you to listen to master-level sound quality. Besides, it supports hi-res Bluetooth codecs, such as LDAC and aptX adaptive. Wide connector selections can handle both wired and wireless connections.


Make the best use of every corner of the K9 Pro, and make it your best music partner. Check on it!

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