Deserve the Wait! FiiO X Jade Audio's USB Audio Adapter KA3 Is Officially Released!

As the pace of life accelerates, we will need a handy audio companion. Here it comes. The HiFi USB audio adapter jointly released by FiiO and Jade Audio that kept us waiting for such a long time has finally come to us. "Jade Audio", whose Chinese name is "翡声", is a subsidiary brand of FiiO Electronics Technology Co., LTD. It is a stylish, technological and youth-oriented brand aiming to provide high-quality yet cost-effective audio products with an excellent listening experience for the younger generation all around the world.


Now, let's see how this new member KA3 will hold an audio feast for us.


In terms of the process of audio signals, the tiny body of the KA3 features an independent high-performance flagship ES9038Q2M DAC chip, which supports a sampling rate of up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD512 with dual headphone outputs. The circuit structure designed by senior engineers has distinctly high SNR, low distortion and almost 0 noise floor under super power mode. All come for high-fidelity sounds.


The KA3 also performs outstandingly in configurations- supports 3.5mm single-ended/4.4mm balanced outputs, is compatible with Android/iOS/Windows/Mac systems. The cool and visible RGB indicator lights are not only attractive but also can indicate the sampling rate of the currently playing songs, helping to tell audio formats conveniently. In addition, it can be controlled by the FiiO Control app where you can enable more functions, such as 7 filters, low and high gains and channel balance. Oh, just can't wait to take it home right now.


Keep features of the FiiO X Jade Audio KA3 include:

--Portable and slim body

--Optimized HiFi audio architecture

--Independent flagship DAC

--Dual headphone outputs

--Refined for lower noise floor

--Dual SE and balanced outputs

--Desktop and portable use cases

--Practical RGB indicator lights

--APP controls


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